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Jaw and TMJ Pain Relief in Barrie

Jaw PainThe temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. You have one on either side of your face. This joint allows you to open and close your mouth, chew food, and speak.

When this complex system of muscles, ligaments, and bones experiences dysfunction, it can lead to TMJ disorders and subsequent discomfort. Issues with the TMJ are often referred to as temporomandibular disorder, or TMD.


Jaw pain and TMJ disorders often manifest with a range of symptoms, which may include:

  • Pain in the Jaw: Persistent discomfort or pain in the jaw area, often felt on one or both sides.
  • Clicking or Popping Sounds: Audible sounds when opening or closing the mouth, which may be accompanied by discomfort.
  • Limited Jaw Movement: Difficulty opening your mouth wide, making chewing and speaking uncomfortable.
  • Ear Pain: TMJ issues can radiate pain to the ears, causing discomfort in this area.
  • Headaches: Frequent headaches, particularly in the temple or jaw region, can be a symptom of TMJ disorders.
  • Locking Jaw: In severe cases, the jaw may become locked in an open or closed position.


How We Can Help

1. Comprehensive Assessment

Our skilled chiropractors will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the root causes of your jaw pain. We’ll consider your medical history, lifestyle factors, and any physical issues contributing to your discomfort.

2. Targeted Mobilization

Chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations can be a game-changer for TMJ disorders. By gently and precisely realigning the jaw and cervical spine, we can reduce pain and restore proper jaw function.

3. Lifestyle Guidance

Our chiropractors will offer guidance on lifestyle modifications and exercises to alleviate symptoms, prevent future issues, and support your recovery.

4. Pain Relief

Through chiropractic care, we can provide effective pain relief without the need for medication, helping you regain comfort and quality of life.

Book an Appointment

If you’re tired of living with jaw pain and TMJ discomfort, it’s time to take action. At Complete Care Chiropractic, our dedicated team of chiropractors is here to help you find relief and improve your overall well-being. Don’t let jaw pain control your life – contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can assist you in your journey toward a pain-free jaw and a happier, healthier you. 


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