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Meet Dr. Tim Lahn

Dr. Tim LahnDr. Tim Lahn has been proudly serving the Barrie area as a Chiropractor since 2016. It’s important to understand that no two cases are exactly the same, which is why Dr. Tim uses an individualized approach to every patient he sees, and draws from quite a few different tools and techniques to get the best results he can.  Dr. Tim uses diversified chiropractic adjustments, including manual adjustments, drop piece adjusting, and instrument assisted adjustments.  Some of the other techniques he uses include contemporary medical acupuncture, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), myofascial release, kinesiology taping, electrical stimulation (IFC/TENS), and ultrasound therapy. He is also knowledgeable about rehabilitative exercises, and encourages his patients to be a participant in their own recovery.

In his practice, Dr. Lahn sees a wide variety of patients and conditions. He regularly works with patients at all ages and stages in life, including athletes, office workers, pregnant women, children, and seniors. While most people seek the care of a chiropractor for spinal pain, Dr. Tim is interested in treating extremities as well, including, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, the TMJ, knees and ankles.

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Educational Background

Dr. Tim started his education at the University of Toronto where he received a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, graduating with High Distinction.  He then went on to attend both the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy to become both a Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Chiropractor (although he has since stopped practicing massage therapy). More recently, Dr. Tim has completed additional training in Jaw/TMJ disorders, FMT Basic and Performance Certifications from RockTape Canada, as well as a Diploma in Contemporary Acupuncture at McMaster University.


Awards, Accolades, and Accomplishments

Dr. Tim is proud to have been featured as one of’s top chiropractors every year since 2017.  He’s had the privilege of treating high performance athletes, including CFL players, Olympians, and National level athletes.  Tim was chosen as the “Young Professional of the Year” by the Simcoe County Young Professionals Association in 2017.

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Life Outside the Office

Dr. Tim spends most of his free time with his wife and two beautiful children. He is also an avid musician, miniature painting enthusiast, and has been known to play the occasional video game when nobody is looking.

Get Started Today

Dr. Tim would love to meet you and welcome you as a new patient. Call today to book your New Patient Consultation!


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