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About Complete Care Chiropractic

Our Practice Outlook

At Complete Care Chiropractic, we strive to provide “complete care” for the entire family. We are passionate about working with family members of every age, from moms and dads to kids and their grandparents.

Our goal is to help our patients reach their goals as quickly as possible. Whether your goal is to get out of pain or maximize wellness, our evidence based and patient centered approach can make a difference.

Evidence Based Chiropractic (EBC)

Components diagramSince 2014, we’ve made evidence based chiropractic care the cornerstone of our clinic. Well, what’s evidence based chiropractic? We get that a lot! Let us explain.

Evidence based chiropractic is made up of three essential components.

The first component is the research. Does the evidence show that chiropractic care can help a certain injury/condition or is there a specific technique that might work better over another?  In other words, what care should be administered based on the evidence?

The second component is patient preferences. This one plays a large role in your care and is dependant on your comfort level with chiropractic. Do you feel comfortable having a manual adjustment or does it make you nervous? Do you prefer a lower force technique that doesn’t involve the traditional cracking? Does your individual body respond better to one adjustment type over another? In other words, what care do you want, rather what care do you think you need?

The third component is clinical expertise and may just be the most important. Doing a thorough health history, examination and just getting to know you helps us determine whether or not chiropractic care can help and what techniques should be used. In other words, what care do we think you need?

So to sum it up, Evidence Based Chiropractic Care is an complex integration of the evidence (what research says), patient preference (what you say) and clinical expertise (what we say). By practicing evidence based chiropractic,  we can provide a more effective treatment for our patients.

How We Stand Out in the Community

Here are some of the additional ways that we’re different from other practices in the Barrie area:

  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Licensed Therapists
  • Experiences Staff
  • Multidisciplinary Services
  • Evidence Based Care
  • Direct Billing Offered
  • Extended Hours (Early morning, late nights, weekends)
  • Online Booking AvailableWinner Badge

To see how we can help you reach your health goals, Contact us today.


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