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Natural Back Pain Treatment in Barrie

Welcome To Complete Care Chiropractic

At Complete Care Chiropractic, we understand how discouraging it can be to complete even the simplest of daily tasks when your back is hurting.

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain or occasional flair ups, we are here to alleviate the pain.

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Back Pain Chiropractor in {PJ}

Back Pain Relief Without Surgery

Dr. Mike has helped many patients experience back pain relief without surgery. We employ natural, noninvasive chiropractic and osteopathy techniques to treat this chronic ailment.

Our methods are safe and effective, quickly relieving your back pain pain and allowing you to life free from pain.

Our unique approach to care gets you out of pain quickly and helps the body heal itself naturally to prevent future flare ups.

Call us at (705) 722-3131 to schedule your consultation today – We look forward to meeting you!

The Back Pain Chiropractor That Really Cares

Our chiropractic care center has been described as warm and friendly, family-oriented and heart-centered. One of our strengths is that we truly care about our patients. We get to know our patients and always take the time to listen carefully. It’s important that we know what’s bothering you and we will go the extra mile in understanding where you’re coming from.

Our patients appreciate the fact that our techniques are as gentle as our attitudes. We never force our patients to submit to long-term contracts, and we’re respectful of your feelings. We’re a no-pressure, judgement-free zone. We always let our patients know that they can enjoy their chiropractic care for as long as they feel they’re receiving benefit.

Call us at (705) 722-3131 or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation now!


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Dr. Mike & His Family

Don’t Let Back Pain Keep You From Life.

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Experienced Back Pain Chiropractor Serving Barrie And Surrounding Areas